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Hugzzies – A Teddy Bear With A Twist!

Hugzzies are a super soft teddy bear with a microwavable lavender infused wheat bag inside.

Our unique teddy bears hug around your waist giving you the feeling of a warm hug. Hugzzies have a perfect alternative to hot water bottles with our specially infused lavender wheat bag heatable in the microwave for a huggable toy.

A teddy bear with multiple uses including a bum bag, travel pillow, heatable toy, teddy bear and a companion.

Our soft toys come in 5 collectable characters, each teddy comes with a microwavable wheat bag inside and hug around the waist. We don’t believe in charging for delivery, so we have made sure that each of our soft toys comes with free shipping.

Have a quick look below at our alternatives to hot water bottles with soft toy teddies that hug you in the winter and keep you cool in the summer. They love carrying your toys or being used as a travel pillow too.

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