10 Easy Ways to Cure the Winter Boredom of Being Stuck Inside with the Kids.

Hugzzies dog teddy Winters is most certainly coming, and although that means Christmas Markets, Ice Skating and perhaps the odd trip to see the Christmas Lights. The familiar British tale of being stuck inside due to the bitter temperature, freezing ice and the ever so familiar dark and gloomy British rain is so familiar to all of us!

Here then are a few different and unique ways to spend time inside when the weather outside is dreadful:

Have a Video Game Marathon! 

When was the last time you played that Nintendo Wii that’s collecting dust in a cupboard near the TV? Or what about that PS2 and Nintendo 64 in the loft that haven’t been touched for years? Get the old games out and have a marathon for the whole day trying to beat those high scores you managed to set years ago!

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Spend the Day in Bed! 

Leave the housework alone for today and just chill out, get the iPad out and put a movie on and stay in bed the whole day. Forget putting normal clothes on, just chill in your pyjamas all day and do nothing! You deserve it!

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Make an epic Breakfast / Brunch! 

It’s time to whip out the frying pan and knock your family up a wicked breakfast. Make the most important meal of the day a feast by cooking up a variety of different things from the typical Eggs, Bacon and Sausages to maybe something a bit more continental, like Avocados on Toast and Watermelon. Either way it’s a fantastic way to get the kids involved with their cooking skills to see what they can whizz up!

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Plan a Summer Holiday

If the weather outside is rubbish why not dream and plan your next summer holiday? Look, I know that you might be looking forward to having that Christmas turkey rather than jumping in the summer swimming pool, but why not plan that summer break you’ve always wanted to go on or just have a look at the country you’ve always wanted to visit? Look I know that it might be ages away but it is always a great way to distract you from the poor weather outside.

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Movie Day! 

Get the family in the living room and have a movie day! Nothings stopping you whatsoever from watching all the Pixar films like Toy Story, Cars and Monsters INC in a row for the whole day. Just make sure you stock up on enough popcorn!

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Bake Something! 

If you’re a fan of bake off then why not try and create one of the fabulous creations you see on the show? Sponge Cake? Biscuits? Pastry? Doesn’t matter! You haven’t go Paul or Prue scrutinising every detail so make a mess and bake whatever you like!

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Smoothie and Cocktail Time! 

If it’s the weekend and mid-afternoon then now is the perfect time to mix things up (literally!) and see what amazing concoctions you can come up with. Whether it’s the different fruits you can blend into a smoothie or even treat yourself with a homemade cocktail!

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Build a Fort! 

You did it as a kid yourself so why not help the kids of your own help build there’s. Get the duvets, mattresses and pillows out just go bonkers by making the best fort possible chill in it for the rest of the day.

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The Floor is Lava! 

This game is one of the best time busters there is. If you don’t know the game, it’s simple, just don’t touch the floor! Climb over the sofas, tables and cushions in the living room and decide who’s the best at not falling into the lava! Just be careful however!

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Finally get the paintbrushes out and go let your creativity run wild with each canvas you decide to paint. You don’t need to be the next Pablo Picasso to have a great time. Paint whatever you like, there doesn’t need to be any explanation behind it, just let your imagination go wild on the canvas!

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