20 Different Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

With the daylight outside getting much shorter and the weather getting more bitter winter is nearly upon us, here are 20 ways how you can stay warm despite how bitter the weather gets. 

Some are simple and easy ways you can keep warm whilst others are perhaps things you wouldn’t think of straight away when thinking about keeping warm.

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  1. Warm yourself rather than the room first.

 The first step to keeping warm is by warming yourself up first rather than the whole room. It’s much easier to heat up your body temperature than the whole room so put on a jumper than the heating first.

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  1. Put a hat on.

 The statement that you lose 70-80% of your body heat through your head Is a myth. Despite this, you do lose your body heat on anything that isn’t clothed and your head counts in that category, so put on your beanie hat and stay warm.

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  1. Switch between hot and cold water in the shower.

 We all know hot showers warm you up in a jiffy. But did you know that cold showers improve blood circulation within your body, so alternate between the hot and cold showers.

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  1. Replace your thin curtains with Thicker ones.

You yourself wouldn’t go outside in shorts and a t-shirt when it’s freezing so why should your windows? Put thicker curtains on to save the heat.

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  1. On your marks, Get set, Bake!

 You might not be the next Paul Hollywood but if you like making the odd cake here and there, now is a perfect opportunity to get the oven gloves out. Baking pastry’s, bread or cakes will heat up your whole house so get stuck in!

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  1. Wear Gloves.

Pretty self-explanatory this, put on Gloves to stop excess body heat being lost. What’s even better to purchase are the gloves with the smart fingertips which allow you to use your phone whilst having them on.

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  1. Thick or Double Socks.

Wearing double socks or thick ones are a god send seriously, when your standing in the cold waiting for the train or walking around that Christmas market, thick and double socks seriously help the warmth in your feet in a massive way.

  1. Wear a Scarf.

Once again simple, I personally always find my neck gets cold in the bitter weather so throwing on a scarf will seriously help keep your body warm.

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  1. Use tin foil.

This might have been a trick your grandparents utilise but it does work to prevent unnecessary heat loss from radiators. Put the foil behind the radiator, this prevents heat disappearing through the wall by reflecting it back into the room simple but very effective.

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  1. Let the sunlight through in the daytime.

What helps rooms in the house is by using as much natural heat as possible, if it is sunny use as much natural heat as possible. Window shades and curtains should be kept open during the day but close your curtains as soon as dusk falls to maximise retaining that heat.

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  1. Stop heat being lost up the chimney.

Most fireplaces now are purely for decorative purposes only, however if you do still utilise one then you should consider a chimney balloon which can be installed easily and will keep most of the cold air out from the chimney.

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  1. Watch out for mini-draughts.

Draught comes through little places such as the letterbox putting an extra barrier there such as a brush will stop hot air being lost in the house.

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  1. Don’t put things in front of radiators.

Avoid putting furniture in front of Radiators you might have a sofa by the radiator, but that sofa is absorbing almost all that radiators heat.

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  1. Clean your radiators of dust.

Simple but effective, just make sure your radiators in your house are clean and not riddled with dust insuring you get the most heat possible.

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  1. Putting a shelf above the radiator.

Because heat rises from a radiator, putting a shelf above a radiator can help stop the hot air rising directly above it and can therefore push it back into the room.

Dont place a radiator below a shelf - Tips on keeping warm

  1. Shut the doors to unused rooms.

Got a spare room you never use? Simply just shut the door to the room and you save massive amounts of heat for the rest of the house and will prevent cold air moving into the rest of the house.Dont leave doors open - ideas to keep heat in this winter

  1. Having a rubbish loft hatch.

You may brag to people about how you’ve got an insulated loft however don’t waste it all by having a useless loft hatch. Having an old and dreadful loft hatch will completely make the rest of the loft insulation useless.

Keep heat in with a good loft hatch

  1. Switch your energy supplier.

Like many you’ve probably been with the same energy provider for a long period of time. If you are you’re probably overpaying for what you are getting, go and have a look on websites like uSwitch.com or Comparethemarket.com to compare different energy prices.

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  1. Upgrade your boiler.

If your boiler is around 10 years old then it might be time to invest in a much newer and reliable product to save money. Schemes being run by the government now which could mean if you fit the correct requirements you can be eligible for a free boiler if yours is of a certain age: http://www.boilergrants.org.uk/

Boiler ideas

  1. Wheatbags.

Lastly, Wheatbags. These simple products provide extremely beneficial warmth to the user. Simply take the wheatbag, put it in the microwave for a minute or so and now you have a simple but extremely effective way of staying warm inside during the winter months. On this website you will find Hugzzies. Hugzzies are soft teddy bear with a microwavable lavender infused wheat bag inside that hugs around the waist giving the user a warm hug. You can find out more about Hugzzies by clicking here.

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