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Hugzzies are a specially designed Teddy Bear which have extended arms which wrap around the user giving them a feeling of a warm hug. It is the perfect alternative to a hot water bottle by having a microwaveable lavender wheatbag inside.

We have 5 original and unique characters for you to choose from. Each teddy bear is specially designed with our velcro strap that hugs around the user’s tummy. The lavender wheatbag is also super simple to warm up and use, simply put it in the microwave for a minute or so and you will have a warm wheatbag ready to be put back in the Hugzzies pouch.

Why Buy Hugzzies Animal Themed Teddy Bears?

5 Individual super soft toys to choose from including Dexter the Dog and Betty the Bunny.

The uniquely designed fully adjustable velcro waistband which is used as the teddies arms wrap constantly around the waist meaning it is consistently giving you a warm hug.

The back of the teddy gives the additional option on using the Hugzzies as a bumbag for storing things like toys inside.

Hugzzies are perfect for Travel, our soft toys are great for carrying all the essentials required to carry for that holiday of yours.

Much safer and lighter than a hot water bottle, easier to warm up too.

The Wheatbag also has the ability of being cold in the summer as well by freezing it and putting it back in the teddies pouch.

Our Hugzzies soft toys also help with pain relief and things like Hypermobility pains.

Hugzzies soft teddy bears can be used as body warmers outside when the weather gets cold as a constant source of warmth something which hot water bottles don’t do.