Famous Owners of Teddy Bears and Other Ways Teddys Have Been in Modern Culture.

All of Instagram, in various magazines and all over the internet, the rich and the famous post pictures of themselves wearing their designer clothes, shoes, sunglasses, and expensive accessories like handbags and watches.

One accessory you might not think of is a Teddy Bear. Teddys can be a wonderful accessory for either both young or old alike. Everyone when they were younger had some sort of soft toy and some adults might even still have that same Teddy from childhood.

Lots of famous people we know also love their Teddy Bears or have some sort of affiliation to them.

Karl Lagerfeld is the successful head designer and the creative director of fashion house Chanel. His pet is a soft white cat named Choupette who is 6 years old. Originally the cat belonged to the French model Baptiste Giabiconi and was given to Lagerfeld as a gift. Karl simply fell in love with Choupette and as of today she has her own social media pages including Facebook, Instagram and a Twitter account that has over 46,000 followers. Karl is so in love with his pet in fact he even said that if marrying animals work legal he would marry Choupette.

Karl Lagerfeld collaborated with the most famous Teddy Bear makers in the world, Steiff, to create a limited edition soft toy which has been inspired by his pet cat Choupette. This Steiff sort toy was launched in February 2017 by Steiff and retails for around £400.

This wasn’t however the only collaboration Lagerfeld had with Steiff. Before Choupette, the teddy bear company created a limited-edition Teddy Bear equipped with a black blazer, black tie striped shirt, trouser chain, “KL” belt buckle and blanked out sunglasses imitating Karl Lagerfeld himself.

In 2014 the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton were on a royal visit to Scotland. When they were given a large Fynn Teddy for Prince George as a gift. This big cuddly bear was also made in the Steiff facility in Germany and featured a Scottish kilt around it’s waist.

When famous actors Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri was born she was gifted a Steiff westie soft teddy bear and since she was born Suri has been collecting Steiff Teddy Bears and various stuffed toy animals since then.

Elvis Presley released his famous song famous song (Let me be your) Teddy Bear for the soundtrack of his second full motion picture film “Loving You” Elvis’s accidental reputation as a teddy-bear lover came after the false rumour spread around to his fans, Because of this his fans then sent him tons and tons of soft toys for him to. The day after Christmas Day that year, Elvis decided to donate the entire collection he had gathered (which was in the thousands) to the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. The song was recorded on January 22nd 1957 and was released the same year on June 11th. Cover versions of the song have been done by acts such as Cliff Richard and ZZ Top.

Steiff’s brand has always been the one teddy bear brand name that people want to have and own. It is the brand that pretty much created the teddy bear. They are known as quality designer products and are extremely collectable. For over 100 years Steiff have been making all sorts of soft toys and teddy’s including animals like dogs, cats and lambs.

The motto of Steiff’s founder Margarete Steiff’s is “Only the best is good enough for our children” which is still the Steiff motto to this day.

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