Carly the Cat


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Hugzzies Teddy Size Dimensions 81.3 cm x 17.8 cm.

Lavender Scented Wheatbag.

Microwavable Wheatbag, remove from Hugzzies teddy bear (do not heat the Hugzzies cover).

Fully adjustable velcro strap.

Heat up in the microwave for under 60 seconds.

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Nothing quite compares to the soothing warmth of a Soft toy and Teddy. Our Hugzzies are uniquely designed meaning they wrap around your waist guaranteeing warmth constantly.

Inside Carly the Cat’s pouch is a microwaveable wheatbag with relaxing lavender, which when heated in the microwave makes a fantastic hot water bottle alternative.

Our Hugzzies teddy bears are so easy to use and makes the perfect bedtime companion for your child. Hugzzies soft toys are perfect for cold wintry nights and can even help in the hot summer months by leaving the wheatbag in the freezer to keep cool as well.

Hugzzies teddy bears are also perfect for providing soothing comfort for aches and pains, the warmth from the wheatbag helps to soothe these.

Hugzzies teddies make a fantastic practical soft toy gift for your child, the lavender wheatbag is so easy to use.

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Dimensions 81.3 x 17.8 cm


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