Dexter the Dog


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Hugzzies Teddy Size Dimensions 81.3 cm x 17.8 cm.

Lavender Scented Wheatbag.

Microwavable Wheatbag, remove from Hugzzies teddy bear (do not heat the Hugzzies cover).

Fully adjustable velcro strap.

Heat up in the microwave for under 60 seconds.

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Dexter the Dog is guaranteed to keep you warm and cosy all night on cold winter evenings.

Hugzzies soft have a removable microwavable tummy insert that is warmed in the microwave to give a long-lasting warmth to help aid a perfect night’s sleep.

The Teddies velcro strap makes certain that your child will constantly be receiving their warm soft hug from Dexter.

The microwaveable wheatbag is also gently scented with lavender, which is released when warmed, and helps aid a restful night’s sleep.

Allow your child to wake up refreshed and happy after a fantastic night’s sleep, ready to play with their new best play pal Dexter. With the velcro strap which constantly gives them a warm hug, Hugzzies soft teddies make ideal gifts.

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Dimensions 81.3 x 17.8 cm


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