Pauley the Panda


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Hugzzies Teddy Size Dimensions 81.3 cm x 17.8 cm..

Lavender Scented Wheatbag.

Microwavable Wheatbag, remove from Hugzzies teddy bear (do not heat the Hugzzies cover).

Fully adjustable velcro strap.

Heat up in the microwave for under 60 seconds.

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Stay warm and comfy with Pauley the Panda, one of our extremely soft and cosy heatable soft toys that hug around your waist constantly.

Pauley is filled with our easy to heat up wheatbag and is a safe alternative to traditional hot water bottles, with no risk of leakage and being not as heavy.

Our teddy bears are scented with lavender to your child relax easily, Our Teddys make ideal bedtime companions.

Hugzzies teddy bears are so easy to use; just pop Pauley the Panda’s wheatbag in the microwave to warm up and you’ll have a comforting and warm wheatbag with a calming lavender aroma.

The fully adjustable velcro strap on all our Teddys ensure that the Hugzzies stay constantly around your child’s waist ensuring constant warmth.

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Dimensions 81.3 x 17.8 cm