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Soft Teddy Bears

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Our toys are exclusively designed, limited edition teddies with multiple uses.

Hugzzies microwavable soft toys are a fantastic hot water bottle alternative for both children and adults, we have created a teddy with a lavender scented removable wheatbag removing the risk of leakage or scalding.

With 5 characters to choose from you’ll find the perfect microwavable toy in stock and available for free same day shipping.

Head over to the offers page for exclusive offers and bundles on our microwavable teddy bears, they are loved not only by children but adults too. With a wide range of characters on offer, everyone can find their favourite companion.

Your cuddly teddy bear can be used as an alternative to hot water bottles, bum bags, travel pillows, relief from hypermobility, soft toy, and a companion. Whatever your need Hugzzies have it covered.