A survey conducted back in 2012 by the hotel chain Travelodge, found that Thirty-five percent of adults in the United Kingdom admitted that they still sleep with some form of soft toy to de-stress and to improve sleep at night.

Travelodge decided to survey 6,000 British citizens to discover more about Britain’s fascination and somewhat obsession and with the teddy bear after its staff tried to reunite over 70,000 teddy bears left behind in its 452 hotels in England.

Many of them that were found however were not actually owned by children. Hence why Travelodge decided to conduct the survey.

Around 25% of respondents who were male reported they take their teddy bear or other soft toy with them when going away on business trips. Most said that the reason for taking it was because the bear reminds them of home and a cuddle helps them to nod off easier.

Moreover, the survey found out that 51% of British adults that Travelodge surveyed said they still have some sort of soft toy they have kept from their childhood and that the average teddy in Britain was 27 years old.

1 in 10 single men surveyed in England admitted they hide their teddy bear when their girlfriend stayed over, meanwhile 14% of men who were married men said that they hide their teddy bear when any family and friends come to visit their home.

15% percent of men against 10% of women reported that they treat their teddy as their best friend and will share their intimate secrets with their bear.

Finally, 26% of male respondents stated it was quite acceptable to have a bear regardless of your age.

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